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Many tutoring companies hire young students as tutors using what is euphemistically referred to as the near-peer model. In contrast, NC Global hires and trains professional tutors, and the difference is night and day; professional tutors bring experience and expertise to each and every tutoring session.  

Professional Standards

Only at NC Global are tutors hired based on 17 factors of academic excellence, trained on NC Global’s proprietary teaching methodologies, custom matched with students based on 7 factors of compatibility, and backed up with NC Global’s iron-clad Tutor-Match Guarantee. 

Tutor Bios

Here are the bios of some of our superb professional tutors (other bios available upon request based on subject).


Brandon attended UC Berkeley, and earned his English MA and PhD at Harvard. Brandon’s teaching at Harvard earned him numerous accolades, including over a dozen Certificates of Distinction in Teaching, plus the first-ever Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching of Undergraduates. After completing his PhD at Harvard, he was invited to join the faculty of the Harvard English department as part of the College Fellows Program, an initiative designed to “identify exceptional scholars who have recently completed their doctoral work and have demonstrated a strong commitment to teaching.” Brandon has also taught college writing and medieval literature at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, and recently served as a professor and college admissions consultant for an elite college-preparatory academy in Guangzhou, China, where he also taught AP US History and AP English Language and Composition.


James is an award winning college English and philosophy professor, professional tutor, writer, and editor. He holds a B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) in English and Philosophy (double major), an M.A. in English (High Honors) and a Ph.D. Fellowship in English. In addition, James’s essays, critical articles, and short stories have appeared in a variety of well-known journals and magazines, including The Mailer Review, The Eugene O’Neill Review, McSweeney’s, PopMatters, and the Burrow Press Review. James is a dynamic and driven instructor, tutor, and professor. He has 15 years of college teaching experience, 20 years of tutoring and test prep experience, and over 20 years of professional writing and editing experience. James has worked as an item writer for over 15 years, during which he designed questions and exams for ACT, SAT, PSAT, GRE, and worked extensively as an evaluator and scoring supervisor for Educational Testing Services.


Tracey is a Chemical Engineer and Engineering Management professional by trade. After an 18-year career at Raytheon, she began tutoring for standardized tests and high school math. She previously worked for Neil Chyten at his former company where she was trained in proprietary test taking techniques. Her approach is to lead the student to the solution rather than just showing them the solution. At NC Global, she is certified to teach math at all levels, as well as PSAT, SAT, and ACT Math.


Kym is a passionate educator with a degree from University of North Carolina in Biology and Biochemistry, with minors in chemistry and math, as well as a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology. She has conducted significant research in genetics, and is currently working on completing her PhD. During her tenure as a public-school educator, she taught science, statistics, algebra, and discrete math courses, and developed curricula in Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Advanced Topics in Health Science, and other Health Sciences courses. She served as an IB instructor and team leader, and developed and guided competitive teams to state and national competition and placement. She has introduced and taught college-level psychology courses into public-school systems, and served as an adjunct professor in the Behavioral Sciences and Criminal Justice departments. When not teaching, Kym is busy conducting research for her PhD dissertation. At NC Global Education, Kym is certified to teach: Math, Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Science Olympiads, AP Psychology, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests in Biology and Chemistry.


Sasha is an experienced educator with a Masters in Secondary Education. He worked professionally as a television producer in New York before attending graduate school for his MA Ed degree. He has years of experience coaching English language learners in ESL and helping students perform to the top of their ability on the TOEFL exam. His mastery of English language teaching skills extends to SAT Verbal, SSAT/ISEE, and AP US History exams, as well as English Language Skills. He also helps students create superb private school admissions essays and college admissions essays. At NC Global Education, Sasha is certified to teach: SAT Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay, ACT English, Reading and Essay, English Language Skills, Writing Skills, ESL, TOEFL, AP US History, SSAT Verbal and Essay, and ISEE Verbal and Essay.


Eric has been teaching at the high school AP level since 1997. He spent his career educating students in World History, Modern History, AP US history and AP European history at Wayland and then Westborough High Schools. He attended the Virginia Military Institute where he studied German and History, UMass Amherst where he graduated cum laude with degrees in International Relations and U.S. History, as well as Boston College, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Secondary History. Eric was a teaching fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Over the years, hundreds of his students have earned perfect or near perfect scores on APUSH, AP European History, and SAT Subject Tests in US History and World History. His students have called him “my favorite teacher ever”, and have commented, “He made me love history.” Eric is also an accomplished rugby coach at the college level


KJ completed her English language practicum in Dresden, Germany and has a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has taught at various universities in the U.S. with extensive experience in TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses along with strategic reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills courses. She has taught students from over 40 countries including China, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. Not only is KJ an enthusiastic and skilled teacher, she is a language student herself, currently studying Chinese and Spanish. An avid lover of the outdoors, she enjoys scuba diving, swimming, and skiing. At NC Global Education, KJ is certified to teach: TOEFL, ESL, English Language Skills, writing, and reading skills at all levels.


Ian was valedictorian of his high school, has perfect standardized test scores on SAT, ACT, and GRE, and has more than 10 years of study at Harvard and MIT where he has completed five engineering degrees from MIT (two Bachelor’s, two Master’s, and a Ph.D.) and minors in Applied International Studies and German. He also completed the initial stages of a full-time MBA program at Harvard University. In addition to his academic prowess and penchant for learning, Ian is also a gifted teacher who can assess each individual student’s needs and teach in a manner that best suits each student’s learning style. At NC Global, Ian teaches all levels of math (through multivariable calculus, linear algebra and beyond); English; Engineering; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Computer Programming; PSAT and SAT complete; SAT Subject Tests in Math, Science, AP Tests in Science, Math, Economics, and Computer Science; ACT complete; GRE complete; PSAT complete; and ISEE, SSAT, and other related tests.


Sara is a life-long educator professional with more than 40 years experience as a tutor, teacher, and administrator (including principal) at several Massachusetts school systems. She has taught at Boston University, Clark University, and Lesley University subjects ranging from adult learning to technology and education. She possesses a M.Ed., M.B.A., and Ed.D. Sara has excellent verbal and written communication skills in English as well as in-depth knowledge of math and history. She has worked with students for over 32 years as a tutor in: PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE. Her academic subjects include: reading, writing, grammar, test-taking, history, and math through pre-calculus. At NC Global, Sara is certified to teach PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, math, English, study skills, and history.


Tiffany has been an ESL teacher since 2002. She began her teaching career in Barcelona and Poland. She has a Master’s in TESOL and has been teaching academic ESL at universities and community colleges in both New York City and Montana, working with students from a wide range of countries including China, Korea, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. For five years, Tiffany specializes in ESL including reading, writing, speaking and listening, and TOEFL prep at all skill levels. At NC Global, Tiffany is certified to teach: ESL, TOEFL/iELTS, Writing, English Language Skills.

Neil Chyten

Neil Chyten is Founder and CEO of NC Global Education. He is nationally renowned as a test preparation and admission strategist and author. A 34-year year industry professional, he is the founder of several successful education-related companies and has written or co-written 12 books on test preparation, college admissions, and academic skills.

Curriculum Development

In addition to his many publications, Neil Chyten has overseen the development of project-based programs (Grades 2-10), SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT Test Prep, college and private school admission program, reading and study skills programs, and partnerships with several local school systems. He has been a featured or guest speaker at more than 200 events ranging from parent information sessions and college fairs to young Harvard Graduate School Future Entrepreneurs.

Expert Cited Source

Neil Chyten has been cited or featured as an expert education-industry source by the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, NPR, USA Today, NECN, Fox News, and Education Weekly.

Admission Advisor Consultant, Tutor, & Leader

As a tutor, college and private school admission consultant, Neil Chyten has worked with over 1000 students, many of whom have gone on to prestigious colleges and rewarding careers. Over his extensive career, he has trained more than 400 tutors and counselors who have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and college acceptances. More than 1000 of these students have earned perfect test scores, more than 1000 have matriculated to Ivy League colleges and universities, and thousands more have gone on to attend all the top colleges and graduate schools in America.

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