Six Types of Tutoring


At NC Global, no matter what the circumstance, we can help. We provide highly trained and skilled professional tutors to assist students of all ages with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to be successful in every situation.  Call 800-469-1028 for your tutor today. 

  • Remediation
  • Advanced Learning
  • Homework Help
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Reading and Study Skills
  • Test Preparation


When students dread going to class because they can’t keep up with course work, are having trouble completing their assignments, or are becoming frustrated because they just don’t understand the subject matter, NC Global can assist with its remediation tutoring. NC Global tutors provide focused one-on-one attention, clear explanations, and expert guidance to help students secure the confidence to keep up with their classes.

Advanced Learning

For ambitious or adventurous students who want to stay ahead of their classmates or learn an entire subject in advance of taking it, NC Global’s advanced learning programs provide specific unit instruction or entire courses. Whether during the summer or the school year, advanced learning is a great way to get ahead and stay ahead of the class.

Homework Help

Teachers usually base student grades on four components: homework completion, written projects, test performance, and class participation. NC Global’s homework help tutoring assists students in all four of these areas. Our expertly trained tutors help students master and complete their homework on time, create high-scoring essays, prepare for tests, and feel confident and comfortable participating in class discussions.

Academic Enrichment

Students should not be held back from learning a subject that interests them or that can help them get ahead in any chosen academic or career path. To that end, NC Global provides enrichment programs that feature skill-building across virtually all curriculum strands. In addition to subject-specific tutoring, NC Global has programs in reading, writing, vocabulary building, public speaking, and more.

Reading and Study Skills

The NC Global “SWIRL” (Studying, Writing, Integrating, Reading, Learning) Study System is a comprehensive methodology that incorporates nearly 30 logical, effective reading and study strategies into one program. Students who follow the SWIRL techniques and procedures are guaranteed to become far more efficient readers, writers, studiers, and all-around students.

Test Preparation

NC Global utilizes a combined approach of personalized strategy development and practice sessions to enable students to significantly improve their test scores. NC Global strategies derive from more than 30 years of experience from company founder and test-prep author Neil Chyten, whose test-taking brilliance has helped tens of thousands of students improve their scores. At NC Global, Neil Chyten has brought together a wealth of historical expertise on standardized tests, some of the most talented tutors and curriculum specialists in the world, and a new focus on personalized test-prep planning to create an environment in which every student can maximize his or her potential test-taking performance and realize unimaginable test-score improvements.

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