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Perhaps you heard the story of Carolina who wrote an essay about Papa John’s Pizza and got into Yale. Does that mean that you should write about Burger King to get into Columbia? And then there is the story of Brittany who wrote about Costco and was accepted to Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Stanford. Does that mean you should write about Walmart?

Our master admission essay strategists help you write essays that reveal personal characteristics that make you a high-profile acquisition target for colleges. Here are some sample paragraphs from essays created by our students.  With our help, you can write masterful essays like these as well:

U Chicago – Edge of the Earth:

There it stood: the edge of the Earth, the gateway to the kingdom of Ignorantia. There were no gates barring our way. There were no guards at the door. Indeed, the gates and the guards were left hundreds of miles back upon our fortnight’s journey. The gates were our fears. The guards were our ignorance. And so, Dear Reader, there was no turning back since the gates and the guards would simply turn us around in the other direction. It was time to face our fear, and so onward we sailed to confront an unknown force.

Common App – Something that makes you lose track of time:

A name. A name. My kingdom for a name! Others have names; somnambulism, hypnotism, even obsessivism, for example, are perfectly appropriate names for conditions involving loss of consciousness when pursuing an activity or objective. Of course, it is hard to fix something that has no name. Imagine going to the car repair shop and saying, “Can you fix my thing that is roundish with other things sticking out of it?” Or, imagine calling up customer support and saying, “I am having trouble with my thing that doesn’t have a name.” My condition is somewhat different; hours of my day can pass and I don’t know where they have gone. When I think back, I see only a blur of color and texture and shape. It is as if SETI has borrowed my brain to search for extraterrestrial intelligence during off-peak hours.

Why Michigan?

I was amazed to learn about the number of research partners Michigan has worldwide. Students at Michigan have access to some of the world’s best facilities that allow access to the entire night sky, including the southern hemisphere. These include the huge 6.5-meter Magellan telescope in Chile. I am interested in Michigan’s involvement in NASA’s Orbital Debris Program. Probably because my room is always such a mess, I can appreciate the importance of managing space junk. Finally, Michigan is home to many of the best professors in the world. As my main interest is science, I did extensive research and found that many Michigan professors have very strong ties to NASA, and that many have been involved in some of NASA’s most important missions. These include the Advanced Composition Explorer, the Ulysses Solar Polar Explorer, and the Messenger spacecraft to Mercury. Also, Michigan professors are currently designing propulsion systems that may take mankind to Mars!

While these four characteristics form the basis for my desire to attend Michigan, it is also the entire campus culture that makes me want to attend. Michigan is a perfect fit for my interests and personality. That is because Michigan is an active, high-energy college campus that values the role of women in science and in society.

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