D-Day is Coming! D-Day is Coming!

D-Day is Coming!

D-Day is just a few days away. What is D-Day? It is Decision Day, the day when colleges release their ED and EA decisions. On that day, many students’ college dreams will come true, however many more will be shattered. That is because, even though ED and EA do give students an advantage over regular decision, competitive colleges still reject far more students than they accept. If you are accepted, congratulations! Now, all you have to do is maintain good grades and not do anything stupid. Perhaps you’ve heard the stories of students who were accepted and then later rejected because they did something inappropriate or decided to start their summer vacation six months early. Don’t let this be you!

If you were rejected, it is quite natural to feel disappointed, but you must move on quickly. Most other applications are due on January 1, and also you still have the option of applying to schools using ED-II, a binding program that does give you a competitive advantage in admission. Binding means that if you are accepted under the ED-II program, you must enroll at that college. And just like ED-I, you can only apply to one college using the ED-II program.

Several colleges have later deadlines, but virtually all colleges regular admission applications are due in the early part of January. For example, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell are due on January 2. Claremont McKenna’s due date is January 5. Carleton and Colgate applications are due on January 15. So, while there is still time to get your applications in, there is still plenty of work to do. In addition to filling out applications and essays, don’t forget to release test scores and manage your recommendations appropriately. You must also make sure that your school counselor has submitted the requisite forms, including transcripts and teacher recommendations, through the common application or individual college applications.

For those of you who find yourself on acollege’s waiting list, you should definitely not give up. While the numbers are relatively small, some students do get in off of the waitlist, and it is generally the ones who show the most interest or who continue to strengthen their profiles who are successful. The first thing you should do is send a letter indicating your continued interest in attending the college. Then, you should strategize a series of activities that will strengthen your candidacy. These can include earning better grades, better test scores, starting new activities, earning new awards or honors, or having new accomplishments.

In any case, D-Day is not the end of the road. It is just the beginning. For students who are accepted, it is the beginning of a long road toward matriculation. For those who are rejected, it is the beginning of moving beyond your first choice and focusing on all the other colleges on your list. For those who are waitlisted, it is the beginning of a process of strengthening your application either to be accepted off the waitlist or to become a stronger candidate for all the remaining colleges on your list.

NC Global Education extends good luck and best wishes to all students in the class of 2020. To all students in the classes of 2021, 2022, and 2023, we urge you to be proactive in the college admission process, not waiting until the last minute to try to get years’ worth of activities, test scores, awards and accomplishments into a single semester. For more information about what you can and should be doing during your high school years to increase the chances of admission at top US colleges, please contact NC Global Education at 800-469-1028 or info@ncglobaledu.com.

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