Letter from our Founder

Neil Chyten – CEO of NC Global Education, Inc.

I did not expect to be a teacher, but sometimes careers find you and not the other way around. I still remember my first experience in front of a classroom. Well, I have never been struck by a bolt of lightning, but I imagine it is no more transformative an experience than the one I felt that day. I was magically transformed and hopelessly hooked. That was 35 years ago.  I have been in the education field ever since.

Now, I wake up every day and realize how blessed I am to be part of an industry in which one’s success is measured by the degree to which you can change lives. I am forever grateful to have been part of so many success stories that date back to 1984, the day I formed my first education corporation, and extend to the present day. Thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook, many of my students still stay in touch with me, though they are now entrepreneurs, brokers, executives, real estate magnates, financial industry leaders, scientists, and, yes, even teachers. We still talk about the good old days, preparing for tests and writing college essays. Back then, the SAT had antonyms and analogies and there were no such things as the Internet, cell phones, or the Common Application.

Today, I believe that the only way to break down barriers to success is to design lesson plans that meet the needs of each individual student. Only through personalized learning can we deliver the greatest value to the greatest number of students. We must remove barriers that prevent giving equal yet distinct consideration to gifted learners and those who struggle. As it is now, learning is designed to meet the needs of an imaginary student who falls squarely in the middle. By addressing the needs of this one imaginary student, educational programs fail to meet the needs of far too many students. Teachers do their best, but cannot possibly address the needs of so many individuals.

To accomplish this formidable task, we must empower teachers by disassembling the mechanism, and reassembling the pieces to fit the individual needs of all learners—regardless of prior success. This is exactly what NC Global has been created to do. Please peruse this website, or call us for more information or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to providing your child with the skills and strategies he needs to reach his potential, and the inspiration to surpass it. Welcome to NC Global and the 50-Point Plan.


Neil R. Chyten
Founder of NC Global
Creator of the 50-Point Plan