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ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Test and AP Testing Schedule

About SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are single-subject, knowledge-based tests. As many as three can be taken in a single sitting and each test can be taken as often as you wish. Since you control the scores of each individual test, a logical strategy is to plan to take SAT Subject Tests on multiple dates. Each SAT Subject Test is scored on a 200 – 800 scale. Each test has its own conversion scale, and on some it is easier to earn high scores than it is on others.

About NC Global SAT Subject Test Preparation

8 -12 Hours of Tutoring or 10 Hours of Class Time (when offered)

Because SAT Subject Tests are single subject exams, preparation for each requires far less tutoring or class time than do either the SAT or the ACT. NC Global recommends 8 to 12 hours of strategically focused online tutoring or 10 hours of classroom time.

As with SAT and ACT Prep, NC Global SAT Subject Test Prep tutoring program and classes were created by one of the most creative and respected experts in the industry: company founder Neil Chyten. You can count on the fact that sessions will be strategic, informative, and highly effective in raising scores.

Why Take SAT Subject Tests?

Some colleges require SAT Subject Tests, while other recommend or accept them. Think of it this way: when colleges compare two equal candidates, one with good or great SAT Subject Test scores and one with no SAT Subject Test scores, which one is the college more likely to accept? When college admissions officials review your application, it is as if they are buying a new car; they may not need all the bells and whistles, but they will certainly appreciate them if they are offered. You should always give admissions officials as many reasons as possible to accept you. So, we strongly recommend that you differentiate yourself from other candidates by taking the SAT Subject Tests in areas that are best suited to your strengths.

Aren’t Fewer College Requiring SAT Subject Tests?

Yes, it is true that fewer and fewer and fewer colleges require SAT Subject Tests. All the more reason for you to take them! If fewer students are taking the SAT Subject Tests, there is greater opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from the pack! As they say in statistics, the more data points, the more accurate the prediction. Colleges don’t like to make mistakes, so they appreciate having as many data points as possible for each of their admission candidates.

How Many SAT Subject Tests Should I Take?

NC Global recommends that you always take three tests in a single sitting. By taking the tests in groups of three, you can maximize your opportunity to earn the highest possible scores. Even if you aren’t yet confident in a subject, you can take the live test just for practice. That is because you control which individual scores are sent to colleges. Think of this strategy as having as many darts as possible to break a balloon—one may do it, but two or three gives you far greater odds.

When Should I Take SAT Subject Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are offered six times per year, on the same dates as SATs, (except for March). Subject Tests based on single-year subjects (e.g. U.S. History, World History, and Chemistry) should be taken in May or June while those testing more generally acquired knowledge (e.g. Math and Literature) can be taken any time you feel ready. In fact, many underclassmen, ninth and tenth graders, take SAT Subject Tests.