The Preliminary SAT and National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test


About the PSAT/NMSQT

The PSAT/NMSQT, taken in October, kicks off what is to be a busy testing year for high school juniors. Scores are returned in early December, which often sets in motion a test taking and test preparation plan.  But test planning should begin long before PSAT scores return.  Further, test preparation for the PSAT gives students a huge advantage. Even though the PSAT does not count toward college admission, and is not seen by colleges, it is an important test. Here are three reasons to prepare for the PSAT:

  1. The PSAT is the qualifier test for National Merit Scholarships. Not only do these $2500 scholarships help pay for college, being a National Merit Scholar is incredibly prestigious and highly regarded by college admission committees.
  1. Because the PSAT is so similar to the SAT, PSAT preparation serves a double purpose – both as preparation for the PSAT and early preparation for the SAT.
  1. Preparation for the PSAT provides early indication of areas needing remediation. By preparing for the PSAT, these potentially problematic academic or test-taking gaps can be addressed early in the preparation cycle, giving more time and opportunity to maximize scores on the SAT.

The NC Global 50-Point Plan for PSAT

NC Global’s PSAT tutoring program begins with a personalized 50-Point Plan™ for success. NC Global tutors and students then follow the plan, which addresses basic weaknesses and strengthens overall test-taking performance in all areas tested by the PSAT. This completely unique and innovative approach to the PSAT ensures that each student gets the maximum benefit from each moment of tutoring, from first to last, and receives the individualized instruction that she needs in order to experience meaningful performance on the PSAT, and later on the SAT.

PSAT Tutoring

12 – 24 Hours for PSAT Complete

NC Global SAT test prep tutoring sessions are designed to shore up weaknesses and give students the highest odds of answering each and every question correctly. Skill building exercises and strategies are designed by Neil Chyten and his team of curriculum experts. Neil Chyten and his team have a decades-long history of success, which is your family’s assurance of quality instruction.

PSAT Small Group Classes

NC Global small group PSAT classes utilize collaborative learning techniques, meaning that students are actively engaged, and are contributing to the class in a meaningful way. Indeed, NC Global is the only company in the nation to combine the Socratic learning methodology with Neil Chyten’s effective strategies, forming a powerful plan to master the PSAT. Maximum class size is 12 students.