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Live Tutoring + Small Groups

The ACT is the most popular college admission test in the world – even more popular than SAT – and accepted by every college in America. For some students who feel confused by SAT-type questions, the ACT can be a perfect remedy. That is because ACT questions tend to be more straightforward and less convoluted. For others, taking the ACT can feel like racing a speeding train down the tracks. Why?  Because the ACT allows far less time per question, and requires more reading, than does the SAT.

NC Global ACT Test Prep

The 50-Point Plan for ACT

Unlike other ACT programs, NC Global’s ACT tutoring program begins with a personalized 50-Point Plan™ for success. NC Global tutors and students then follow the plan, which addresses basic weaknesses and strengthens overall test-taking performance in all areas tested by the ACT. This completely unique and innovative approach to the ACT ensures that each student gets maximum benefit from each moment of tutoring and receives the individualized instruction that she needs in order to experience meaningful score improvements on the ACT.


24-36 hours for ACT Complete.

With four discrete tests plus an essay, the ACT is broader in scope and scale than the SAT. For example, it contains 75 grammar questions as opposed to 44 on the SAT, leaving room to cover more grammatical topics. Reading passages are longer and questions do not follow the natural order of the passage as they do on the SAT. Of course, the Science section has no SAT equivalent. ACT Math is more advanced than SAT math as well. So, as you can see, while ACT can be a great alternative to the SAT, it does require a significant amount of tutoring in order to meet or exceed target scores.

ACT Small Group Classes 

In NC Global small group ACT classes, students are actively engaged and contributing to the class in a meaningful way. Indeed, NC Global is the only company in the nation to combine the Socratic learning methodology with Neil Chyten’s exclusive strategies designed to master the ACT. At NC Global, students are never subjected to one-size-fits-all lectures in which half the class is confused and the other half is bored. On the contrary, NC Global classes are fun, meaningful, and effective. In NC Global classes, concepts are taught, practiced, drilled, and dissected within the group. Teachers provide introductions to ideas, concepts, and strategies, and then provide guidance as students actively engage in discussions, arguments, explanations, and conclusions. Maximum class size is 12 students.