At NC Global Education, our team of dedicated and committed experts provide personalized tutoring programs that assist students with preparation for the SAT.

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Tutoring for SAT Preparation

NC Global Education, founded in 2017 by industry icon Neil Chyten, is one of the most revolutionary tutoring and test prep companies in the nation. As an author, tutor and college and private school admission consultant for more than 30 years, Mr. Chyten has created a unique series of proprietary methods that have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher SAT and ACT test scores and acceptance to the top colleges and universities in America, Canada and the U.K.

Our SAT tutoring program begins with a personalized 50-Point Plan™, a completely unique and innovative approach that ensures each student gets the maximum benefit from each moment of tutoring, from start to finish, and receives the individualized instruction that he or she needs in order to experience meaningful score improvements on the SAT.

SAT tutoring takes place live (in some areas) or in an online virtual classroom. Expert online instructors present lessons and students ask questions just as they would in an in-person classroom. Skill building exercises and strategies are designed by Neil Chyten to strengthen students’ weaknesses and give them the highest odds of answering each and every question correctly, leading to extraordinary results.

How SAT Tutoring Can Help

Competition for spots at top universities is stiff. In fact, the most selective colleges, such as the Ivy League schools, turn away 90% to 95% of all applicants. This means that preparing for the SAT or ACT is vital to improving a student’s chances of being accepted to the college or university of his or her choice.

Effective test preparation will help students score higher, and higher scores can unlock opportunities they would otherwise miss out on. NC Global can help with:

  • Admissions: Tutoring and test prep courses help students develop the test-taking skills and critical-thinking strategies required for earning the best possible SAT scores. NC Global tutors prepare students for the content and structure of the exam, assist in plotting out studying schedules, identify and address weaknesses, help with time management on the test, and suggest tips and strategies for tackling tough questions. All of these factors can help students gain an edge over their competition and significantly improve their chances for successful admission to their dream college.
  • Scholarships: Many colleges and universities consider a student’s SAT scores when deciding on scholarship amounts they offer him or her. In some cases, scholarships are simply not available to students who fail to reach a specific score. For example, the NCAA has a minimum score for students to qualify for athletic scholarships. Many colleges and universities also have endowments that provide students with scholarships if they exceed a target score. The higher the SAT score, the higher the chances of qualifying for college scholarships, and guidance from NC Global tutors will improve the odds of success.

NC Global Education provides tutoring for SAT test preparation by creating personalized learning plans that match the individual needs and learning styles of each student. Get in touch with us at 800-469-1028 to learn more about our services, or click here to contact us online.