Take advantage of SAT tutoring in New Canaan, CT from NC Global Education. Our program provides premium quality instruction that leads to extraordinary results.

NC Global Education, founded in 2017 by industry icon Neil Chyten, is one of the most revolutionary tutoring, test prep and college counseling companies in the nation.

SAT Tutoring New Canaan, CTAs an author, tutor, and college and private school admission consultant for more than 30 years, Mr. Chyten has developed a unique series of proprietary test-taking methods that have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and acceptance to their dream colleges.

In fact, more than 1,000 students trained in Mr. Chyten’s test-taking methods have earned perfect test scores and been admitted to Ivy League colleges and universities, and thousands more have gone on to attend all the top colleges and graduate schools in America.

SAT Test Preparation

The National Association for College Admission Counseling rates SAT or ACT standardized test scores as one of the top three factors in successful college admission.

In conjunction with other data points, such as GPAs, many colleges and universities rely on the SAT test score as a fair metric by which to compare one student’s abilities against another’s. A superior test score can help you demonstrate your academic skills and provide you with more college options and better scholarship chances.

If your SAT scores are not high enough, admissions officers at your dream college may not even consider your outstanding essay, strong GPA, extracurricular activities, and stellar recommendations. When the stakes are this important, the smart approach is to prepare well ahead of time for the test and try for the highest score possible.

The NC Global SAT tutoring program begins with an innovative personalized plan that ensures that each student gets the maximum benefit from each moment of tutoring, from start to finish, and receives the individualized instruction that he or she needs in order to experience meaningful score improvements on the SAT.

24- 36 Hours for SAT Complete

Our SAT tutoring sessions are designed to bolster weaknesses with skill building exercises and strategies designed by Neil Chyten and give students the highest odds of answering each and every question correctly. The NC Global team has a decades-long history of success, which is your family’s assurance of quality instruction leading to extraordinary results.

SAT Small Group Classes

Our small group SAT classes utilize collaborative learning techniques, meaning that students are actively engaged, and are contributing to the class in a meaningful way. NC Global is the only company in the nation to combine the Socratic learning methodology with Neil Chyten’s strategies, a highly effective and powerful combination, to master the SAT.

NC Global Education provides expert SAT tutoring programs that give students in New Canaan, CT the tools and strategies they need to take the test with confidence. Get in touch with us at 800-469-1028 (Chinese line 833-888-6232) to learn more about our innovative services.