As students in Middlesex County, MA look ahead to college, standardized admission tests, such as the SAT, will most certainly be on their minds. Preparation is the best way to ensure they will do their best on test day, and SAT tutoring with NC Global Education can lead to extraordinary results.

SAT Tutoring Middlesex County, MA

NC Global Education, founded in 2017 by industry icon Neil Chyten, is one of the most revolutionary tutoring, test prep and college counseling companies in the nation. As an author, tutor, and college and private school admission consultant for more than 30 years, Mr. Chyten has developed a unique series of proprietary test-taking methods that have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and acceptance to the top colleges and universities in America, Canada and the U.K.

Common Questions About the SAT

Why do SAT scores matter?

The SAT is only one aspect of the college application, but admissions officers rely heavily on test scores to compare applicants from different walks of life to one another. The scores help them ascertain whether students’ GPAs and transcripts, which differ from high school to high school and region to region, accurately represent their academic abilities.

If your top-choice schools include highly selective colleges like the Ivy Leagues, MIT, and Stanford, getting a high SAT score is extremely important in order to improve your chances of admission.

When should students take the SAT?

Given the content on the SAT and the timeline for college applications, most students should plan to take their first SAT in the summer prior to their junior year. If you fall short of your target score, you can continue to study and then retake the SAT in the fall, winter, and spring.

How should students prepare for the SAT?

In general, spending an adequate amount of time in the NC Global SAT tutoring program to develop test-taking skills and critical-thinking strategies will result in the best possible scores. This, of course, will depend on your starting skill level and your ability to learn new concepts quickly.

Our program begins with a personalized NC Global 50-Point Plan™, a completely unique and innovative approach that ensures each student gets the maximum benefit from each moment of tutoring, from start to finish, and receives the individualized instruction that he or she needs in order to experience meaningful score improvements on the SAT.

The 50-Point Plan™ carefully selects from among more than 1000 individual facets of learning and identifies the 50 steps needed for each student to hit a predetermined target. As a result, students are able to focus like a laser beam on exactly what is needed to achieve personal success.

NC Global’s skilled tutors prepare students for the content and structure of the exam, assist in plotting out studying schedules, identify and address weaknesses, help with time management on the test, and suggest tips and strategies for tackling tough questions.

All of these factors can help you gain an edge over your competition and significantly improve your chances for successful admission to your dream college.

Students in Middlesex County, MA should take advantage of personalized SAT tutoring with NC Global Education that matches their individual needs and learning styles. Get in touch with us at 800-469-1028 (Chinese line 833-888-6232) to learn more about our innovative services.