Students in Wayland, MA can take advantage of college counseling from NC Global Education that can help them design their own personal roadmap to college admission success.

NC Global Education was founded in 2017 by industry icon Neil Chyten, one of the nation’s leading test prep and college admission experts.

Mr. Chyten is a 34-year industry professional who has founded several education-related companies, has written or co-written 12 books on test preparation, college admissions, and academic skills, and has created a unique series of proprietary test-taking methods that have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and acceptance to the top colleges and universities in America, Canada and the U.K.

College Counseling Wayland, MAThe college admission process requires a strategic, proven, and systematic approach and NC Global is proud to be in the business of private college counseling to help students realize their dreams.

When to Start Your College Counseling

There was a time when college counseling was confined to the senior year of high school. In the last 20 years, however, admissions have become more competitive, and early admissions have made earlier counseling even more important.

Ideally, students should begin developing their overall admissions strategy in sophomore or junior year. This will allow them time to think carefully about the process and develop an approach that is tailored to their personality, strengths, goals and special interests.

Few high schools have the resources to provide each student with high-quality one-on-one counseling, and fewer still offer counseling early enough to benefit students most. Based on large student caseloads per school counselor, studies indicate that the average high school student receives just 38 minutes of college counseling over four years.

Your NC Global college counselor will help you provide each college with a reason to want to select you. To do so, we will help you convince the admission committee that you will make a positive contribution to the college’s campus, culture, community, and to the world as a whole.

Our admissions experts help students determine their priorities, factor in their test scores, levels of courses, and grades, identify best-fit colleges that are perfect matches for their interests and ambitions, and then help them gain admission to schools that will further their goals.

NC Global also specializes in Ivy League acceptances. Our positive outcomes come from our deep knowledge of the college admission process, and particular expertise in the Ivy League admission process. Our experts know how to present students in the best possible light to significantly improve their odds of success.

If you are ready for college counseling in Wayland, MA, we encourage you to get in touch with NC Global at 800-469-1028 (Chinese line 833-888-6232) to learn how we can help.