Private college counseling with NC Global Education in Acton, MA, can help ensure that your student gains admission to a range of schools where he or she can grow and be happy.

College Counseling Acton, MA

NC Global Education, founded in 2017 by industry icon Neil Chyten, is one of the most revolutionary tutoring, test prep and college counseling companies in the nation. Mr. Chyten has spent more than 30 years developing a unique series of proprietary test-taking methods that have helped more than 40,000 students earn higher test scores and acceptance to the top colleges and universities in America, Canada and the U.K.

Finding the Right Fit

College admission is a process that requires a strategic, proven, and systematic approach, and NC Global is proud to be in the business of independent college counseling to help students realize their dreams. The goal is to provide each college with a reason to want to select you. To do so, you must convince the admission committee that you will make a positive contribution to the college’s campus, culture, community, and to the world as a whole.

The admissions experts at NC Global help students determine their priorities, factor in their test scores, levels of courses, and grades, identify best-fit colleges that are perfect matches for their interests and ambitions, and then help them gain admission to schools that will further their goals.

From more than 200 factors that go into colleges’ decisions, NC Global pulls out each student’s personal 50 to increase their likelihood of success. With a personalized plan in hand, students are ready to embark on a highly successful college admission campaign.

The Common Application

The vast majority of students applying to college in America use the Common Application (informally called the Common App) which is a college application aggregator that represents more than 700 colleges and universities across America and a selection of colleges in other countries.

The Coalition Application and the Universal Application are two other equally useful application aggregators, but they are not as widely used or accepted. There are also a few well-known colleges such as MIT, Georgetown, University of California (all nine campuses), Penn State, Rutgers, and Virginia Tech that use their own applications instead of the Common App.

The Common App helps to streamline one part of the admissions process by enabling students to apply to multiple colleges and universities at once. It is a web portal into which you enter your biographical information, as well as information about your family, your school, your courses, your grades, your test scores, your academic honors, your activities, your financial aid status, your recommendations, your personal essay, and more, and it is sent to all Common App member colleges to which you are applying.

You only have one chance to make a good impression, however. In the hands of NC Global experts, the Common App becomes a sales tool for your college candidacy. How the information is structured, detailed, and described can be a determining factor in how you are perceived and whether or not you are accepted at the colleges of your choice. We can help you master the process.

NC Global is your #1 resource for planning for and applying to college. Get started on college counseling in Acton, MA, with a free consultation. Contact us at 800-469-1028 (Chinese line 833-888-6232) to learn more about our innovative services.