Admission into The Elite Private Schools Is a Seller’s Market

It is a fact that more families apply to the schools with the biggest names than to lesser-known schools. For example, Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts receives more than 2500 applications each year. From those, it admits about 350 students.  St. Paul‘s school in Concord, New Hampshire, an all boarding school, receives 1400 applications per year and accepts about 150 students. The Groton School in Massachusetts receives around 1300 applications per year, and accepts approximately 12% of those. A successful admission campaign into an elite private school requires strong academics, excellent test scores, a strong list of extracurricular activities, strong application essays, and an excellent interview.

With so much riding on so few considerations, decisions often come down to subtle reference points and nuanced factors. This is where our admission professionals can help improve the odds. By working with our admission professionals, your child’s application and overall candidacy can be improved dramatically, increasing the chances of gaining admission into an elite private school.

List of 50 Top Private Schools in New England (Not in Order):

 School Name City, State Day (D) or    Boarding (B) Grades Gender # of Students Application Source
St. Paul’s School (boarding only) Concord, NH B 9-12 Coed 541 Gateway
Winsor School Boston, MA D 5-12 Girls 437 Ravenna
Hopkins School New Haven, CT D 7-12 Coed 715 Gateway
Buckingham, Browne, & Nichols Cambridge, MA D PK-12 Coed 1,013 Ravenna
Greenwich Academy Greenwich, CT D PK-12 Girls 784 School’s Own
The Roxbury Latin School West Roxbury, MA D 7-12 Boys 302 Ravenna
Belmont Hill School Belmont, MA D 7-12 Boys 431 Ravenna
Wheeler School Providence, RI D PK-12 Coed 768 School’s Own
Brunswick School Greenwich, CT D PK-12 Boys 966 School’s Own
Commonwealth School Boston, MA D 9-12 Coed 150 Ravenna
Boston University Academy Boston, MA D 9-12 Coed 175 Ravenna
Green Farms Academy Green Farms, CT D K-12 Coed 695 School’s Own
King School Stamford, CT D PK-12 Coed 690 Ravenna
St. Sebastian’s School Needham, MA D 7-12 Boys 375 Ravenna
Rivers School Weston, MA D 6-12 Coed 482 Ravenna
Lincoln School Providence, RI D K-12 Girls 371 Ravenna
Newton Country Day School Newton, MA D 5-12 Girls 406 Ravenna
St. Luke’s School New Canaan, CT D 5-12 Coed 563 School’s Own
Canterbury School New Milford, CT D 9-12 Coed 322 School’s Own
Moses Brown School Providence, RI D PK-12 Coed 746 School’s Own
Phillips Andover Academy Andover, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 1150 Gateway
Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter, NH D & B 9-12 Coed 1085 Gateway
Choate Rosemary Hall Wallingford, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 862 Gateway
Deerfield Academy Deerfield, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 635 Gateway
Groton School Groton, MA D & B 8-12 Coed 368 Gateway
Noble & Greenough School Dedham, MA D & B 7-12 Coed 612 Gateway
Hotchkiss Lakeville, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 632 School’s Own
Middlesex School Concord, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 400 Gateway
Milton Academy Milton, MA D & B K-12 Coed 1,000 Gateway
Kent School Kent, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 575 Gateway
Taft School Watertown, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 594 School’s Own
Concord Academy Concord, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 382 Gateway
Loomis Chaffee School Windsor, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 690 Gateway
Northfield Mt. Hermon School Mount Hermon, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 650 School’s Own
Miss Porter’s School Farmington, CT D & B 9-12 Girls 325 School’s Own
Westminster School Simsbury, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 393 School’s Own
St. George’s School Middletown, RI D & B 9-12 Coed 355 Gateway
Portsmouth Abbey School Portsmouth, RI D & B 9-12 Coed 360 School’s Own
Berkshire School Sheffield, MA D & B PK-12 Coed 399 Gateway
St. Mark’s School Southborough, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 353 Gateway
Brooks School N. Andover, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 352 Gateway
Suffield Academy Suffield, CT D & B 9-12 Coed 410 Gateway
Cambridge School of Weston Weston, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 340 Ravenna
Avon Old Farms School Avon, CT D & B 9-12 Boys 406 School’s Own
Waynflete Portland, ME D & B PK-12 Coed 560 School’s Own
Governor’s Academy Byfield, MA D & B 9-12 Coed 406 Ravenna
Westover School Middlebury, CT D & B 9-12 Girls 200 School’s Own
Dana Hall School Wellesley, MA D & B 5-12 Girls 484 Ravenna
Miss Hall’s School PIttsfield, MA D & B 9-12 Girls 205 Ravenna
Worcester Academy Worcester, MA D & B 6-12 Coed 605 Ravenna
Lawrence Academy Groton, MA D & B 9-12 Coed Gateway
Tabor Academy  Marion, MA D & B 9-12 Coed Ravenna