Is Private School Right for You?

When beginning the private school admission process, here are some questions you may want to explore:

  • Does your child want to go to private school?
  • Which schools offer the right fit for your child?
  • Which schools’ values match your family values?
  • Which schools’ cultures match your child’s personality?
  • Does the day, year, and vacation structure meet your needs?
  • Can you commit to a commute?
  • Can you afford private school?
  • Is your child ready for this significant change?
  • Would your child benefit from a more personalized approach?
  • Will your child’s chance of college matriculation improve?

The Private School Admission Process Requires Discipline

Applying to private school is a detailed and time-consuming process. Don’t begin unless you and your child are fully committed to the process. Once you decide that private school is right for your child, you’ll need to determine where to apply and how to get in. Publications such as and can provide background information on schools, as can each school’s website.

Private Schools Can Offer a Rich and Rewarding Experience

Going to the right private school can provide a rich variety of experiences, participation in which can be life-changing. As with college admission, the key to a successful private school experience is identifying schools that fit the student’s and family’s interests, values, goals, and expectations. Many private schools offer a deeply enriching academic experience with more high-level courses like AP (Advanced Placement) or other challenging curricula. As for extra-curricular activities, many private schools have vast resources and myriad traditions in which all students are encouraged to participate. Activities include music, art, theatre, exploration, religion, student-run clubs, academic organizations, social events, and a wide variety of sports

Personalized Instruction

Most private schools offer smaller classes and easy access to teachers. Both of these factors are common differentiators between public and private schools. Further, guidance counselors at most private schools have smaller caseloads, which means more time to advise each student on school issues and college admission.

College Matriculation

Does going to a private school help college matriculation? Yes! Many private schools have strong relationships with colleges, thereby increasing the chances that your child can gain admission. Some even have strong relationships with top colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, Bates, Colby, Amherst, Williams, and UPenn. However, keep in mind that private schools vary from each other as much as colleges do. In other words, attending some private schools may help get you into a top-choice college, while attending others may not give you a significant advantage.