Gifted and Talented, Study Habits, and Advanced Learning

An NC Global Plan for Seventh Graders will allow students to achieve at higher levels than their peers. A Seventh Grade Plan should establish a standard of excellence, a desire for service, and a pattern of passion both inside and outside of school.

General Information About Seventh Grade

Many professionals and parents describe Seventh Grade as a young student’s longest and toughest year, given the convergence of many factors: emotional, physical, and academic. Not only are academic expectations far higher than previous years, developing bodies and brains are caught between childhood and young adulthood, students are physically and mentally maturing at different rates causing some to question their identities, hormone levels are spiking, and a stratification of social status is occurring.

NC Global Seventh Grade Plan

A customized plan for Seventh Grade may include mentorship and social support, as well as study skills training, reading skills training, and advanced learning. Overall, Seventh Graders must stay ahead of the ever-steepening academic curve. Often, plans include identifying the times that students study most efficiently, incorporating that knowledge into an overarching study strategy. Further, previewing material that is soon to be covered in class can provide needed confidence and improved attitudes toward a particular subject, teacher, or class. Preparation for tests and quizzes is also essential, as is providing students with the confidence and public speaking skills they need to feel comfortable participating in class discussions.

A Seventh Grade Plan should also provide for healthy extracurricular activities such as sports, music, work, clubs, and activities that demonstrate a propensity toward social responsibility and awareness, leadership, and personal initiative.

Johns Hopkins and Duke Gifted and Talented Student Search

Programs that identify gifted and talented students are offered through Duke University and Johns Hopkins University. Testing for both programs occurs in the Seventh Grade, though JHU’s program is also open to Eighth Graders. NC Global prepares students for the ACT or SAT (Duke) or just the SAT (JHU), used to identify gifted and talented youth.

College and Career Readiness Standards

In the Seventh Grade, College and Career Readiness standards build upon the groundwork laid in Sixth Grade by adding a degree of complexity to reading and writing assignments, imparting more responsibility on students with respect to communication expectations, and progressing through more advanced mathematical concepts.

NC Global professionals are experts at designing programs to help students excel in the most rigorous phases of

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Math
  • Science

With industry expertise and the highest quality instructional staff, NC Global supports all students on their individual paths to middle school success and beyond.