Test Prep, Academics, & Private School Admissions

An NC Global Plan for Sixth Graders will allow students to follow a path far superior to others. It will focus on establishing and strengthening the case for academic curiosity and aptitude, a unique pattern of excellence, demonstrated passion of commitment, and readiness to excel at grade level and beyond.

General Information About Sixth Grade

For many students, Sixth Grade marks entry into middle school, where homework assignments become more challenging and abundant, teacher expectations rise, and academic and social identities are formed. Early intervention or advanced learning at this level can mean a marked difference in the type and level of opportunities available in middle and high school. For example, strategies for improving reading, writing, and study skills can provide students with confidence in their own ability to master subject matter at higher levels, while test-prep skills learned in Sixth Grade can create a basis for success on tests throughout the school years.

A customized academic plan for Sixth Graders may include preparation for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), if the student is applying for private or test schools in Seventh Grade. It may also include teaching and applying appropriate study skills, as well as strengthening reading, writing, math, science, analytical, communication, and/or grammar skills. Furthermore, it will establish and strengthen a passion for community service, improve a natural talent in music, the arts, or athletics, and address anything else the family has identified as a direction best suited for the student.

ISEE Test Preparation

Many Sixth Graders apply to private or test schools as Seventh Graders. NC Global prepares students for the ISEE by strengthening reading, writing, math, analytical, and vocabulary skills, all of which have a positive impact on student’s test performance and academics. In addition, some students prepare for state-specific end-of-year exams in order to show proficiency and qualify for higher-level courses. NC Global’s unique test-prep curriculum incorporates an expansive set of test-taking strategies that will propel students to top scores on their respective exams.

The Structure of the ISEE

ISEE Middle Level (Current Grades 6-7)
Test Time: 160 minutes

Question Types and Timing:

Verbal (Synonyms and Sentence Completions) 40 Questions 20 Minutes
Quantitative Reasoning 37 Questions 35 Minutes
Reading Comprehension 36 Questions 35 Minutes
Math Achievement 47 Questions 40 Minutes
Writing Sample (ungraded) 1 Topic 30 Minutes

College and Career Readiness Standards

US curriculum used in both public and private schools incorporates a set of principles and guidelines that are generally referred to as College and Career Readiness Standards. These standards provide context under which teachers and school systems develop or incorporate curriculum that, over time, prepares students for the rigors and expectations of colleges and careers. In the Sixth Grade, these standards lay the groundwork for more advanced skills in subsequent years.

NC Global professionals are experts at interpreting these standards and designing programs and curricula to help students excel in all phases of

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Math
  • Science

With customized curriculum configured exclusively for your child, combined with extensive expertise in test preparation, long-range planning, private school counseling, and college counseling, NC Global helps families fulfill their dreams, and provides each child with the inspiration to actualize their potential.