Next Step: College

General Information About Twelfth Grade

Starting in the summer before Twelfth Grade, most students turn their full attention to college admission. And there is a lot to consider:

  • Interview prep
  • Demonstrated interest activities
  • Test-taking schedule and preparation
  • Teacher/counselor/other recommendations
  • Financial aid/scholarships (FAFSA)
  • Common Application activities
  • Other college applications
  • Naviance activities
  • Personal essay
  • College specific essays, short answers, etc.
  • Resume creation
  • Course selection
  • Early admission plans (EA/ED/REA)
  • Portfolios and videos
  • Admission Profile Enhancement (APE)

Even as thoughts turn to college, Twelfth Graders must also maintain high grades, earn high test scores, continue involvement in extracurricular activities, exhibit leadership potential, and contribute community service hours. Needless to say, Twelfth Grade can be a stressful time for both students and their families.

Although some students believe that senior year is a time to relax academically with easier courses (in order to make room for the intense college application process) maintaining academic rigor in course load and achieving high grades is monumentally important for the college application. If applying early action/decision, many colleges may not see first semester senior year grades, reinforcing the importance of junior year grades and course selection. Even if a school accepts you based on junior year and prior performance, however, they reserve the right to rescind this offer if you slack off senior year. All colleges will at some point see your senior year transcript, and they want to see students continuing to challenge themselves and work hard, while balancing many priorities and fighting that all-too-common “senioritis”. At NC Global, we remind all students that the work does not stop until the high school diploma is in hand- and we are here for support!

NC Global Twelfth Grade Plan

While all NC Global Twelfth Grade Plans are customized, many typically begin with an analysis of goals and expectations versus statistical data such as GPA, school index, and test scores. From here, the plan guides each student through the steps needed to get from point A to point Z- that is, from goals to acceptance. While it is highly beneficial to start the college process as early as possible, there are still many things that can and should be done in Twelfth Grade to maximize each student’s odds of acceptance into top-choice colleges.

College Admissions

NC Global employs admission strategies developed by college admissions expert Neil Chyten. These strategies help students both create and take advantage of opportunities to enhance their college applications by producing a compelling narrative, supported by activities, essays, and recommendations that grab the attention of highly selective admission officers. At NC Global, not only do we ensure students complete all aspects of their college applications to the highest degree, we also find strategic ways to emphasize and highlight portions that the most selective schools use to vet competitive students. In short, we help students craft college applications that ring true to themselves and stand out ahead of the competition.

SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test Preparation

Test Preparation and Test Taking are once again center stage in Twelfth Grade.

Annual Scheduling of Testing by Month – Twelfth Grade
Test Name
Month SAT SAT Subject Tests ACT


Starting in the summer, rising Twelfth Graders should be maximizing their scores on SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests.  Beginning in the summer, Twelfth Graders have many opportunities to take tests in order to achieve the highest individual scores and superscores.  For highly competitive colleges, students should consider submitting scores from SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT.

Private Tutoring

Twelfth Grade first semester grades are critically important. Most competitive schools have application deadlines (in January) that will only allow them to see your first semester reports from senior year, so a last-minute tune-up of your grades can be just what you need before pressing submit on the Common App. At NC Global, we are here to support you with highly qualified tutors that can assist in rigorous academic tutoring in all subjects of all levels, including advanced learning, reading and writing, test-taking, and a wide range of math and science content.