GPA Support, Test Prep, and College Admission

General Information About Eleventh Grade

High school juniors face a variety of challenges such as AP-level courses, AP tests (in May), SAT/ACT and SAT Subject Tests, extracurricular activities with new leadership expectations, community service commitments, increased amounts of homework, significant increases in reading and writing assignments, and overall extensively rigorous academics. Eleventh Graders often require substantial support services to navigate the complexities of approaching college admission. Grades earned in Eleventh Grade are critically important, as they provide proof of a continued work ethic and commitment to excellence in the college admission process. Continued involvement, or new involvement, in extracurricular activities, clubs, leadership activities, and school spirit activities can also demonstrate a growing maturity, an ability to handle a challenging personal and academic workload, and a commitment to promoting social wellness.

NC Global Eleventh Grade Plan

NC Global Plans are customized to meet individual students’ unique needs, with common components including homework help, test-preparation, and college admission counseling. NC Global’s Eleventh Grade Plans encourage students to proactively take control of their remaining time in high school. Examples of specific suggestions in NC Global Eleventh Grade Plans are: college visits, advanced learning for rigorous subjects, and creation of a test-taking calendar. In general, the NC Global Eleventh Grade Plans allow students to maximize their remaining semesters before the college admission process begins. We also provide assistance in helping students identify and apply for competitive internship, job, volunteer, and/or academic opportunities that will enrich their final summer before applying to colleges.

College Admissions

At this point, college admission should be front and center in each and every student’s mind. Many students mistakenly wait until the summer following junior year to begin the college application process, lowering their odds of admission to top choice colleges. At NC Global, we highly encourage students start the college admission process much earlier, but we also believe that it is never too late to help students increase their chances of gaining acceptance to the college or university of their choice. If beginning in Eleventh Grade, NC Global will push students to take advantage of each remaining semester, frontloading GPA support coupled with guidance on maximizing the upperclassman experience with leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities, fulfilling community service hours, researching colleges and attending campus tours, and looking ahead to a productive summer before Twelfth Grade that will enhance their résumés.

SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test Preparation

Eleventh Grade is when students take most of their college entrance exams including SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, APs, and TOEFL. At this stage, it is crucial that students develop and implement an overarching study strategy that outlines all the tests they need to take for college admission, with steps to prepare for these tests. NC Global will support students in developing these plans, assisting them with registering for several tests before college applications are due. Although we recommend students begin test-taking earlier in high school, it is not too late for juniors to take full advantage of the time they have left before college admission season, arranging several dates to take multiple tests that will increase their chances of gaining higher scores through practice and emphasis on achieving high scores on test sub-sections. NC Global will also provide comprehensive test-taking strategies to give students the best opportunity of receiving top scores in a smaller period of time.

Annual Scheduling of Testing by Month
Test Name
Month SAT SAT Subject Tests ACT
May Note:  All AP exams are given in May


Private Tutoring

Eleventh Grade is no time to let grades slide. On the contrary—a last minute uptick in grades, or maintenance of high grades—sends a highly positive signal to colleges. Also, it is advisable to take a challenging course load, because “Academic Rigor” is a principal determinant of elite college admission. But don’t be afraid—NC Global provides professional tutors to assist students for all subjects (at all levels) and tests. NC Global tutors provide all types of tutoring services, from mediation in academic rigor, to advanced learning, to short term support for quizzing and testing. In addition, NC Global tutors provide comprehensive assistance with reading and writing assignments, as well as deep content tutoring for math and science.