Now That You Know How Fake College Admissions Counselors Work, Here’s What a Real College Counselor Does!

Each year, a large number of wealthy individuals try to buy their way in to top colleges for their sons and daughters. For these shameful efforts to be successful, they must find someone on the college side who is either dishonest or desperate. Since top colleges are not desperate for money, their only hope is to find someone on the inside who can falsify records or otherwise swing the vote toward their son or daughter. With the breaking news of a major college admission scandal being uncovered and many rich and famous people undoubtedly going to jail for fraud and money laundering, I would like to believe that the days of fraud in college admission are officially over. 

Speaking on behalf of the 99.99% of college counselors in America who are honest and play by the rules, we are tired of our highly deserving students missing out on opportunities to attend top universities because an unscrupulous college counselor played by an entirely different set of rules—rules that include using money as influence and using cheating as a means to enhance resumes and test scores. Proudly, I can say that NC Global’s success at placing students in top colleges, including Ivy League colleges, has been achieved by helping students legitimately earn the votes of admissions officials. 

While I cannot tell you exactly what other college counselors do, I can tell you how the counselors at NC Global have one of the industry’s strongest records of success in getting students into top colleges, including Ivy League colleges.

  • We organize the activities of our students, sometimes years before those activities make it to the college application, in order to build a bridge to admission. 
  • We provide our students with professional tutors armed with proprietary strategies to increase their SAT or ACT test scores, as well as their AP and SAT Subject Test Scores. 
  • We advise our students on which classes to take, and help them earn the highest possible grades even if they find themselves struggling in a particular subject. 
  • We help our students earn compelling recommendations, and write extraordinary essays about their experiences and beliefs. 
  • We teach our students to have specific goals, long before they must choose an area of concentration on their college applications. 
  • We teach our students how to conduct themselves during interviews in order to attain stellar comments from their interviewers. 
  • We teach our student what to do, what to say, and how to act, during their school tours, and how to strengthen their case for admission by proving their intent to attend each school if and when they are accepted.
  • We help our students by identifying their weaknesses, and strengthening those weaknesses on their college applications.
  • We strengthen our students by identifying their most admirable qualities or accomplishments and bringing them to the forefront of their applications, supporting them with a consistent narrative that tells a unique and compelling story about why a college should accept the student.
  • We strengthen our students’ applications using a proprietary methodology that has proven effective over 30 years and that has helped more than 1000 students gain entry into the most prestigious colleges in America, including all of the Ivy League colleges many times over.

Most important, we do all of this without breaking any rules and without breaking any laws. Overall, we do everything in our power to help our students present the best versions of themselves. We do not make them into something they are not. Our students do not lie about their accomplishments or activities. They do not create fake videos or fictitious recommenders. When they earn admission to top colleges, it is because they deserve to be there. Their acceptances into top colleges comes as a result of 12 years of hard work and worthy effort, rather than as a result of tens of thousands of dollars paid to unscrupulous individuals who create false test scores and false accomplishments. One thing a real college counselor will never do is guarantee admission, because real college counselors know that there is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to admission into the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities. However, a real college counselor, such as those at NC Global Education, will always give you the best chance of getting into the best possible college, bar none. 


Neil Chyten

President and Founder

NC Global Education, Inc.

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